Thursday, August 22, 2013

Biblical Stewardship of Money

10 Myths About Money & Giving - Tim Conway

It's quite long, but really good teaching. 
And it ties into simple living. 
We all know it, when we don't buy so much stuff, we have more money to give. 
I'm not giving in order to get more. We should never do that, besides, I doubt it would work. God sees our hearts and He loves a joyful giver. He even loves the giver who gives because it's the right thing to do, even though it may sting ;) But the one who gives in order to gain, out of selfish reasons, thinking it's like a magic trick, or that then God would be in debt to him or obliged to give him back manyfold is utterly deluded.

But nevertheless, I gave more last year than ever before, and we now have more than ever before. My husband got a new job that is location independent and pays well. So now we can live anywhere, and we can give more. It is God's money, He gives and takes as He wishes. We are called to give freely. We can pray for Jesus to lead needy people to us and lead us to good causes to support. We can pray for a more generous heart, one that has complete trust that our needs will be met by our Lord. Giving freely is love. Just like giving your child all the wild strawberries you pick.

It's amazing how often we Christians don't "see" the passages in bible concerning money. How Jesus told the rich man to sell everything and give to the poor, how John the Baptist told that if you have two shirts and someone has none, to give the other away. Again and again we are told not to hoard treasures on Earth.. Yet what does nearly every one of us do? I admit I do this too. Sometimes it feels "crazy" to give away a large chunk of money, but not crazy in a weird way. It feels right, and joyful.

This is an area that I feel strongly about. I want to grow in it. I want to learn to spend even less on me and more on others. I still get "wants" sometimes. I stay away from magazines that prompt want. I notice it so clearly now that I hardly ever look at one. I was at the doctor yesterday for check-up and browsed an interior design magazine. I was filled with mixed emotions of "oh, that's really nice!! "  and "ugh, this is all so grossly materialistic!" Hahah. I'm not immune, so I stay away!!

It's not realistic for most people to think they can change over night from loving fancy stuff and shopping, to one that hates shopping and thinks of stuff only in terms of immediate usefullness. I have gone a long way (and have yet a way to go) and it's amazing. 


mamaof3 said...

Hey there I was missing you! I'm glad you are posting again! Could you send me a couple of things? I am trying to decide on what things to get rid of and I need some advice. these are the categories:
minimum clothes items?
toiletries what are the basics?
jewelry how much is too much? I would appreciate your thoughts! You can email me if you want. thanks! Love Kate

sonrie said...

I have missed your posts as well - I appreciate how you connect simplicity to Christianity - it is very refreshing for me to read. I hope your Indy found the strawberries delicious!

Vappu said...

Mamaof3: I'll get back to you soon on that :)

Sonrie: John the Baptist, Jesus and the disciples are the epitomy of simple living :) Talk about a minimalist - they had no home, not two shirts, nothing on them!! Wow, I love the Bible ;)

Just a little less said...

I'm sure the Bible has much to say on temptation too - you're doing so well on keeping away from materialistic distractions. I still like to admire beautiful things but love the strength that I now how to walk away and know I don't need those pretty things in shops and magazines.
Very interesting post and lovely photos. Claire xo

Kendra Griffin said...

I, too, enjoy the way you tie simple living to the Bible. I can't honestly call myself a Christian, but I'll admit that people like yourself make me wish I was. Your blog helps me to see the beauty in it. Anyway, I sometimes think that if I ever embrace Christianity, I'll be in such good company. Thanks for sharing your life. :-)

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

Although I don't share your faith, I enjoy your posts and find what you say generally applies anyway.
Nice to see you back and look forward to more postings in the near future.

fiona said...

Lovely to see you back Vappu :)

Yes there is real joy in giving

I am thankful my wants are becoming less


Minna said...

Oli ihana huomata, että blogisi oli päivittynyt!

You're right, good actions always come back, one way or the other!

Blogin aihetta sivuten, en malta olla linkittämättä poimintoja Muumeista:

Vappu said...
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Vappu said...

Claire: Yes it does indeed :) If your left eye is causing you to sin, it's better to gauge it out.. and so on :) Isn't it awesome to be in a place where you are immune to the temptations of pretty things? Good for you :)

Kendra: That is so amazing what you just said! The lack Christians get for supposedly being judgemental and hypocritical.. and I SO do not want to come off that way. I don't want to give Christians a bad name, I don't want to shame Christ. Sometimes I feel like it would be safer to keep silent.. I mean, who am I to talk about these matters? I don't know that much. But then I get comments like this and.. and I feel like perhaps I should continue.. And as for Christianity.. why not just try it ;)You may stumble upon Truth ;)

Little Miss: Thank you :)

fiona: Thanks sweetie:) Isn't it amazing when those shackles start to come off and you are not a slave to your wants anymore?

Minna: Kiitos! Välillä aina tulee näitä että mitä ihmettä mä oikein luulen että mulla on annettavaa.. eikä tee mieli kirjoittaa mitään. Pitää tsekata muumien viisaudet ;)

Anna Davis said...

I too find myself saying either A: "Oh, that would look nice on me, or great in my home" or B: "God, I have ENOUGH already!"
It's sad that marketing does toy with our true wants vs needs and it's difficult at times to discern between the two.
Hope you enjoyed your summer- it was summer, right?
Many Blessings from California,

Milla said...

Vappu, I too have missed you so much and have much to tell you and am so so excited on this topic. For a while I've been trying to curb my shopping by reminding myself that sans shopping (thrifting, whatever) I have more money to give to my chosen causes. But gosh, I have a long ways to go. Thanks for posting this, I can't wait to read the link.
Halaus ja Indylle kans. Iloista ja ihanaa elokuun loppua!

Vappu said...

Dear Milla, you are in my prayers :) Doesn't it feel strange.. to be excited about giving your money away? I never knew it could be possible. I'm going to write more about the subject as it's really dear to my heart too! Halaus <3

mamaof3 said...

Thanks Vappu! I can't wait to hear from you!

fiona said...

Yes Vappu it is wonderful and so freeing

This is such a good post- I am looking forward to hearing more :)


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Joy Reynolds said...

I really love your blog and enjoy reading all your posts!! I am striving for this lifestyle.Hard to do when your spouse is not on board, but I try.haha. I look forward to your new posts and pictures!! I am constantly checking up for updates. Thanks for posting,love it!

Spaarmoeder! said...

Thank you! It reminds me ...

Sue Peterson said...

Love all of your photos. I see you are making a sort of comeback (I am a new follower). I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out at: and pass it on!

mamaof3 said...

Hey there I was just checking back to see if you had any thoughts yet on my questions? Thanks Kate

Vappu said...

Hi Kate, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet. My husband has been away for two weeks and I haven't had much spare time. I promise that I will write soon..

mamaof3 said...

Ok thanks!

khan951753 said...

Lovely to see you back Vappu :