Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Daily Bread

There are people in this world, who after paying bills and putting food on the table, give away the rest of their paycheck. They don't keep savings or retirement funds or stocks. They don't put their trust in money, belongings, property, stock market, insurances, themselves or other people. They trust the Lord to keep providing for them, taking care of their needs.

Wow, it's possible to live like that. Isn't it so inspiring?  Imagine what freedom and calm you can experience when you put your trust in the sovereign God of the universe, and not on yourself, not on the stuff that this world wants to make you think you cannot live without.

Some people think that when they have a bulging bank account or stock portfolio, they are safe. But that is a false sense of security. Just think about where the world is today. I'm not an financial expert (nor any other kind of expert) but many people who are experts in the financial realm, are saying that the world economy will collapse, that it's inevitable. In any case, it is a very real possibility.

Anything you have can be taken away. No material thing can offer real security. It's okay to have some material things, but don't put your trust in them.
Even your life is not your own.

Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread. He didn't tell us to pray for  a big house, two BMW's, and lots of savings. We are to live our lives trusting him, taking each step in life in faith. We are not shown the whole picture of our life and what the future will hold for us. If we knew, we wouldn't be living in faith.

And you know what? He WILL lead those who are faithful to him.

He is a living God.


Milla said...

this message has been coming through a lot today. there's no such thing as financial security. not ever. but once you give up on that you start feeling a lot more secure. still, I struggle with the fear at times. thank you for the reminder.

Milla said...

ja haleja teille!

Anna Davis said...

I once heard of a question asked when a VERY rich member of an American family died, "What did he leave behind?!?" The answer? EVERYTHING! People wanted to know about his fortune he had left, but failed to focus on the important part: we take nothing with us when we go. I don't have much by American Standards, but I have a car that is paid-off, a roof over my head, and food in my belly...but most importantly, my husband, son, and my faith in Jesus;)

Claire/Just a little less said...

Love this Christian message Vappu. I think if we are content for the simple things (the essential requirements) in our lives it makes us appreciate how much we have and how little we need.

Claire/Just a little less said...
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sonrie said...

thank you for this inspiring message and reminder, Vappu. How often we are worried that we will not have enough money/things/clothes/gas/fill-in-the-blank, but really, when we reflect on the hard times and the easier times, God really did provide for all that we needed. How fortunate we are to have life, health, a little money, food, shelter, love, faith. Have a wonderful day.

mamaof3 said...

Hey Vappu I have been wondering what kind of church do you attend? You seem to be so grounded in your faith and I wondered what type of churches they have where you live?

Vappu said...

Milla: When you are with Jesus, you are on the winner's side and there need not be any fear ;) Kiitos haleista:)

Anna: My grandpa used to say, the last shirt has no pockets :) I love that.

Claire: Thanks! Exactly.. a thankful heart is a wonderful thing!

sonrie: Isn't it great how God really does provide for us and take care of us when we are in trouble? In time the faith and trust grow and we are able to depend on him in everything.

mamaof3: Hi there :) I have been looking for a good congregation for a while and have been attending one that is protestant and Christ-centered: It started out with missions and evangelism 30 years ago and they have had the congregation for 10 years now. They do tons of outreach and projects in many countries now. I like the Sunday meetings because they are 2 hours long, with a proper sermon (not 8 minutes like in the Lutheran church where you get nothing out of it.) There is so much mess now with the liberalism, and on the other hand the extreme charismatic false teachings.. so it can actually takes some work to find a congregation that is on the straight and narrow;) Most of the country is Lutheran (the national church here) and we also have pentecostal and charismatic churches, Eastern orthodox, some methodist and baptist and other small churches.

Netti Byrd said...

The most valuable "thing" we have on this Earth is time with those we love. And there are ways to have more of that....simplifying our lives, pursuing what is kind and just, being closer to God, and giving back/paying it forward. If we can live this way, we will be "richer" than we can imagine - everything else just falls into place. Material things just hold you sets you free.

mamaof3 said...

Thanks Vappu! We attend an Assemblies of God church and we really like it! I'm with you I really like a good sermon too! Our pastor always leaves us with a lot to consider and pray about. We also try to steer clear of the liberal churches. Our backround is Mennonite but there are no churches close to us so we have had to settle for the next best thing. Its easy to find some of those false teaching churches around here where we live. We went to one a while back and boy what a bunch of loons! LOL. We went running back to our church after that! Hope all is well with you and Im looking foreward to your next post. I would love to see some up to date pics of your place where you are living now. I can always use the inspiration! Love Kathryn

MarieG said...

We don't really own anything. It can all be gone from one moment to the next and we can not get hung up on "things". Truly living with all of your trust in God or the universe is easier said than done, but something we should all aspire to.


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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Just love this especially as our family has had a bit of "extra" money lately with a very busy business - we live very simply and probably are poor by society's standards but I have been worried about being too focused on saving.

Susu said...

You have wrote wise words. I try everyday to learn to live my life in that way like you wrote. Earlier in this week I read few articles about poor kids in Romania. Those articles reminded me how huge bless it is to have a daily bread.


Ps. Do you have e-mail address? I would like to send mail to you:)

Vappu said...

Netti Byrd: Exactly :)

Kathryn: The reason I have not posted up-date pics of our place is that there are no up-dates ;) It looks exactly the same. I can re-post some of the old pics..

Marie G: I still think we should not just aspire to trust a god, or the universe-- But THE God, the only one, who can only be found through Jesus Christ. How is "the universe" going to help us? It's not.

Tonya: For a moment I thought the "Your money or your life" thing was pretty great. Now I think the part of it where they tell you to curb your spending, is great, but the part about hoarding a lot for yourself and trying to live off of the interest.. Not so much. That money doesn't just come out of thin air..

Susu: Thank you :) I am especially touched by children all over the world.. my e-mail is :)

Rain San Martin said...

Although this knowledge was written long ago, it somehow seems new and remarkable to think about! The trouble is when our lifestyles are increased it requires more emergency fund reserves to sustain. To simplify our lives would make it much easier to trust the Lord to give us our daily bread.

Vappu said...

Yes... if your needs are little, they are more easily taken care of. If one "need" lots, then he may instinctively know that the Lord is not necessarily going to supply for a lavish lifestyle.. so he doesn't trust the Lord. But we can surely trust him to supply for our true needs.

Anna said...

Vappu, I'm a long-time reader and love your wise posts - wish you'd write more!

john patinson said...

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Brooks_Palmer said...

I love the pictures of the bread!

Anna Davis said...

Vappu- How are you? Just wanted to let you know that this is one of my favorite sites and I think I can speak for others when I say We Miss You:) I pray that you are healthy and that life and God are treating you well. Whatever the case, blessings to you and yours. Anna from California.

Lizanne Cashin- Davies said...

I just stumbled across your page and can I just say wow. I'm one post in and I doubt i'll be going anywhere today now, ill just be tuned in to my laptop reading. Its refreshing to find someone who thinks in a similar way to yourself, its even better when you feel you're losing yourself and you need to be reminded of what you know. Thank you.

Lizanne. X

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