Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Strange times

It's been too long! Thank you for still sticking with my blog even though I have been so neglecting. 

The winter passed and it was a strange winter. So warm and so little snow! 

Indi turned five. We are living in our small apartment and I know some of you wanted new pictures of our home but it's exactly the same as when we moved. I still have the same duvet covers hanging in the bedroom window. 
Not very interesting :)

Our life is pretty normal, pretty quiet. 

The world around us though, it seems to have gone off the rails lately. I know it's not just me.

I thought it was pretty crazy before, so many horrendous things happening in many countries, the wars and cruelty and the natural disasters and disasters caused by humans. And then this stuff with Russia escalated. 

It is surreal to suddenly notice people here actually worried and nervous. We are so used to stuff happening far away, a safe distance away. Sharing a border with Russia, and having been part of Russia before 1917 when we gained independence, are facts that make people watch the situation closely. The Baltic countries are really worried since they were part of the Soviet Union not so long ago. In Finland there has been a sudden increase in interest in discussing a possible application for NATO membership. Others are saying we should apply like yesterday, and others are saying it would only provoke Russia and it would guarantee no protection anyway.  Yet others are saying that we have nothing to worry about.    

What do I think?

I think that God has everything under control. 
His children never need to fear.
I think that He is trying to get us to see that

We will never stop the wars      
We will never save the environment
We will never stop being greedy     
We will never change for the better on our own
We are not evolving into a moral and good people 
There is no goodness hidden inside of us, waiting to get out
We are lost sinners
Needing a Savior
We need to admit this, repent and accept the atoning work accomplished by his only Son at the cross, so that we will be forgiven our sins and given a new heart and the promise of an eternal life. We need to let go of our pride and make Jesus Christ the Lord in our lives. 

You see, I used to think that I was a pretty good person. I consider it pure grace that my eyes were opened to see my true condition of sin and selfishness. I got a chance to see myself with His eyes and feel the sorrow and repent. I stumble a lot, but each time I am convicted in my heart, I am thankful. I am so thankful that I am so loved that I get a chance to repent, be forgiven and try again. That is Grace. I get to live with a clean conscience because of that.

The offer still stands, and it is amazing. Sadly, not many people will take it. I know this because it says so in my Bible. But you can take it, if you have not already. And then you can live with incredible peace in this raging world, because the shepherd that is leading you is good and trustworthy.

For He says:
“In an acceptable time I have heard you,
And in the day of salvation I have helped you.”
Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.
2 Corinthians 6:2

John 3.16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


sonrie said...

I am so glad that you are back posting in this space - I have missed your inspirational messages and feel comforted by your words.

And, in an aside, we in the middle of the US had such a strange winter too, but for us it was very cold with much more extreme cold, snow, and ice than we are normally used to. I am so glad that I have now seen the crocus leaves coming up - spring is on the way!

Vappu said...

Hi :) We actually heard in the news about the exceptionally tough winters in the US. It seems the cold vortex was above North America and pushed all the warm air to Northern Europe. The UK and some other countries suffered badly from storms and flooding as well.

Since I started writing more about spiritual matters and faith, I have to be more careful about what I say. I feel responsible and don't want to spread false beliefs! I have written more than I have posted, because I felt uncertain.

Be well <3

labeck said...

I too have missed your words. And I'm so glad you have written out just how to find the peace that we all need. I was explaining that very thing to the group of teenagers I work with at church last night.

Rachel Weaver said...

that grace you speak of is the only thing that makes it bearable.

Anna Davis said...

Sometimes when I read or hear disturbing things, I think, "Lord, come and save us from this Hell." I love my family, but I know no matter what this world throws at us, we will be taken safely away. That may sound morbid to some, but I will fear no country nor nuke nor terrorist when I have God's eternal protection. The world may take our bodies, but only God can save our soul. Great to be back in your company:)

Vappu said...

labeck: Thank you :) Yes, it needs to be spelled out, I think. I'm not going to just talk about God without talking about Jesus..It is so awful seeing the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth just blotted out, even in churches. It's politically correct to talk about God, but the fact is, if you don't have Jesus you don't have God. Bless you and your work with the teenagers. They need to hear the unadulterated gospel message so badly.

Rachel: Isn't it.. I'd be a mess without it. I WAS a mess without it. And I had to walk with blinders on because I could not face how evil this world is, I had no explanation for it nor a way out.

Anna: Exactly. Faith is trusting our Lord to save us from evil, and being like Daniel's three friends.. :) How many times we are commanded in the Bible to not be afraid.. I don't remember but it's MANY. Yet to see all the suffering and torment in the world.. it's still so painful.

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

The winter here in Switzerland has been strange, too, and the year is going so fast and so much happening at home and away… still, we have to go with the flow.

I do hope you will continue blogging; I've missed reading your posts here and miss your archives, which I also enjoyed.

Best wishes

Gemma said...
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Gemma said...

So glad you are posting again and that I decided to check your blog today. Believe it or not, what you said about salvation is the first time in 55 years that the whole idea has actually made sense to me.
I think you are right, we will never be able to improve and become better by ourselves. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

Vappu said...

Little Miss: Thank you :) I will try to post a little more frequently. And perhaps not be TOOOO serious always :)

Gemma: Wow, that is... sad! That the gospel message is not articulated clearly.. That it isn't that we are basically good people who sin a little here and there... but that we are hopelessly corrupt. It is humbling but also very freeing coming to that understanding. It is possible to come to a place of rest, trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ and stop striving and pretending and deluding ourselves. And wonder of wonders, HE will start doing in us what we never could! Like, I used to be able to lie without flinching. Little lies would slip out so easily. Yes, I was a LIAR. But He changed that and I can't lie anymore even if I wanted to :D Which I don't, it disgusts me. But the fact is that He did it for me, there was deep conviction and repentance and it was gone. Oh, I did lie once after this and felt so, so horrible afterwards! It really hit home how vile I had been and I was so thankful to be able to repent! I'm glad I decided to post so bluntly ha ha! Bless you.

khan951753 said...

that grace you speak of is the only thing that makes it bearable.