Monday, May 6, 2013

First blooms

We went to see our woods for the first time in months. It was a cloudy and a little rainy day.
I found this peculiar blooming bush with the most delicate little flowers. I don't know what it is - none of the blooming trees and bushes I know are yet blooming.

I haven't posted anything in a while. I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record. I feel like I shouldn't post unless I feel like I actually have something to say. I don't want to waste your time reading forced posts, which I wrote just to have something to post.

But the idea of simplicity is timeless. The idea that we shouldn't be greedy and hoard more than we need will never get old. The recent tragedy in Bangladesh, where a large clothing factory providing underpaid labor for many clothing brands, collapsed because it was not properly maintained and security checked, killing hundreds of workers, was another reminder that should really sting us deeply.

Do we know where the things we consumer are made?
Do we know how they are made, and what the real costs are?
Do we honestly think that other human beings should pay with their own lives so that we can have cheap clothing?
If not, why are we refusing to acknowledge the facts, why are we still continuing to support the brands using what is no better than slave labor? Is it because they are so far away from us, we can almost pretend they are not there?

I have been reading lots and lots. It's good, it reduces my time spent on the computer!

Honestly, lately I have been dwelling on spiritual matters much more than simplicity and minimalism. Simplicity makes room for this, obviously, as my mind isn't busy thinking about STUFF -or lack thereof- all the time.

I want to share this drawing of angels that Indiana made recently, and with this I wish you all a blessed spring time!


heini said...

Ihanat enkelit <3 ja kuvat niin kauniit, etenkin se kanto havunneulasineen. Mustakin on hyvä, että postailee just vain silloin kun se tuntuu hyvältä, ei "pakosta" ja tekee muuta kun on sen aika. Tuo kaunis kasvi muuten on näsiä. Sen kukista tulee erittäin myrkyllisiä marjoja.

Vappu said...

Kiitos :) Ja hyvä tietää tuosta kasvista - se oli paikassa joka varmaan jää tien alle, ja mietin että pitäisikö se pelastaa jos tie siihen tulee. Mutta jos on tosi myrkyllinen kasvi niin en sitten viitsi.

Netti Byrd said...

I love your pictures of your property.

We live in the woods, and what was so wonderful to see is that we have similar things growing, even though we are in different countries/continents. We have similar lichen, and the white and pink flowers look much like those that grow on our land. Isn't the world wonderful?

And yes, the more we simplify our lives, the more time we have to enjoy what is real. Many of the people I know want to spend all of their family vacations at places like Disney World - while this is fine for now and then, I feel children need to first appreciate the natural world, and learn to love what what connects us around the world...the flowers, the trees, the air.

Thank you again for your blog.

yolanda pantou said...

Hi, I just want to say that I love reading your blog ever since I found it from
And perhaps it's worth for you to know that I come from Indonesia - which means your writings are valued crossing many borders :)


tammy j said...

indiana's angels are all smiling.
it makes me feel good looking at that.
and your posts are always heartfelt. i must admit i have missed you. but i know exactly what you mean.
i think it's lovely that you can still enjoy your beautiful forest without necessarily 'owning' a house or cabin there.
it is almost better as a place to go to renew your spirit? totally wild? i think so!
much respect and love to you.
thanks for another post from the little family i treasure in finland.

Milla said...

I agree with Tammy! It's rather "simple" and lovely that you have a piece of the earth with special connection to it, where you can visit with nature and creation intentionally. Broken record, for the record, NEVER! Ihanaa kevatta teille kaikille! Ja iso halaus!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

I'm glad to have come by your blog again - yes, we do need to be mindful of everything we purchase - so important.
Enjoy reading your blog as I work toward more simplicity.

mamaof3 said...

Ive missed your posts I check everyday and was so thrilled to see a new one! I was hoping that you weren't sick again! I too was very affected by the tradgedy of those poor people in Bangladesh. I just don't know how to change our clothing situation. We have so little money and I just usually buy clothes at the thrift store. Maybe if I knew which brands use these awful workhouses we could avoid buying them. Don't feel that you always have to post about simplicity I just love to know what is going on in day to day life! Have a great week! Love Kate

Lola said...

I hope you write about some of the better books you are reading lately. Even mini-reviews could be helpful.
We are contemplating selling our too-large home and 'downsizing'. It's more a spiritual thing than a 'money' or 'consumerist' thing.

God Bless you and I am so happy you can focus on the better things in life!

Anna Davis said...

I at this stage in my life try to buy around 75% of our clothing and home goods at the thrift store. We are going to be moving back to California and will be taking a MAJOR hit to our income, that's another story, but even with a little extra padding in our bank account, it doesn't feel right buying new when used will do. Some things that can't be found second-hand must be purchased new, but I really do the best I can with what's in stock at the Goodwill. I heard on the radio (yesterday?) that 85% of clothing made today will end up in landfills:( This makes me sad.

Vappu: Whatever you post is a little bit of sunshine for many of us are the globe:)

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