Thursday, May 15, 2014

Old photos and random thoughts

I really liked this apartment. Of course my dear daughter was born while living there, and we spent her first years there. My Button. I have sometimes called her Button ever since she was a baby. She just looked like a button with her button nose ans big button eyes.

I also learned to live more simply in this apartment.

Sometimes our current place feels like we are still just camping out, after over a year here!
Our only arm chair is used so much that the fabric in the seat has holes where you can see the stuffing and the back is wiggly. The duvet covers still hang in the bedroom instead of curtains.

Yes, one of these days we will settle down somewhere and have a real couch.

But now, summer is almost here.

There will be sandy feet, home-made icicles, eating lunch in the park.

The best memories that shine through are small moments of every-day living. I have no grand dreams or plans.
Today I plan to make soup for dinner, that's a plan I have.


sonrie said...

what kind of soup will you make? I made some red lentil recently and it always tastes like comfort food to me.

Vappu said...

I love lentil soup! I usually make red lentil soup with ginger, ground cumin (jeera), garlic, green curry paste, lemongrass, some chopped tomato and carrots plus coconut milk and lime juice. But I'm making Indi's favorite soup today, with potatoes, veggies and sausages (siskonmakkara). :D Soups are good to make in a larger batch so we can eat it for two days..

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

Contentment is by far the most important thing you have, no matter about the rest! Nothing like just time with healthy kids outdoors. Enjoy :)
Now I think I might try your red lentil soup for this serene day...

Anna Davis said...

I love the pictures- I'm a visual person and it's nice to see others living simply as well:)
Your post reminded me of a very small one bedroom apartment my husband and I had when we were newly married- not even enough room for a dining room table to eat off of but we loved it nonetheless! To this day, it was our favorite place we lived in. Now we have a much bigger place (1100sq ft) and a toddler and it is too big, but we rent so what can you do? Our son would rather spend time in the living room with mama and dada than alone in his room:) Sometimes I wish we could just live in a one bedroom again, but I don't know how disruptive that might be with my husband waking early for work...Lovely dessert by the way!

Anna from California

khan951753 said...

I love lentil soup!